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What is a Turbocharger

A turbocharger, also known as a turbo, is a device that increases the efficiency and energy of an engine by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber via a turbine driven compressor. This combined with adding more fuel into the combustion chamber, allows the engine to produce more power and work more efficiently.

Turbo Repairs

If there is a problem with the turbo on your vehicle's engine it can drastically reduce the efficiency, and even stop the vehicle from running altogether. Turbodoc offers turbo repairs to help your vehicle or machinery to get back to maximum efficiency.

Turbo Replacement

Sometimes an engine breakdown occurs and the turbo is beyond repair. Here at Turbodoc we re-manufacture turbochargers to a high standard and we also have new replacement turbos, so our customers can take advantage of our range of available stock of both new and re-manufactured turbos with full peace of mind that the performance of their vehicle's engine will be restored to its former glory.


We remanufacture your turbocharger, from the smallest car application to the large industrial application, to new specifications, ensuring maximum durability and satisfactory performance.


We offer new and remanufactured turbochargers for sale for the most reasonable price possible.

Centre core solutions

We are also proud to offer a wide range of replacement turbocharger centre housing rotating assemblies (CHRA). If you thought you can only buy a new turbo for your vehicle from the dealership, at a bank breaking price, give us a call for an affordable alternative.

We specialize in cores for many turbos which are
"almost impossible to repair".

What is a “Centre Core”

The centre core (CHRA) is the piece of the turbocharger, mounted within the end housings, which does all the work. The end housings only channels the exhaust gasses and fresh air to the centre core, so when the turbo fails, in essence it is the centre core which fails. In the picture below of a typical waste gated turbocharger, the centre core is highlighted in the red circle.